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Jacqueline Risk
You can think of me as the pivotal member of your soul-powered team.
— Jacqueline

Hello lovelies, I am the Jacqueline Rizk, the beauty and brains behind The Detox Diva. I am here to support you, gorgeous, global women trendsetters, early adopters, and innovators on your path to thriving wellness through a painstakingly constructed health protocol, enhanced consciousness, high-vibration success and perfectly bio-designed longevity.

Without a soul-aligned purpose and powerful vibrational mindset, there is no true health, no true peace. And without your health, there is no abundance, there is no YOU.

The business, the mindset, the lifestyle design, and the self-care are ALL inner keys to your success, your creativity making it easy to go from detox to diva effortlessly and elegantly.

You can think of me as the pivotal member of your soul-powered team. A professional curator and ally for your business, your life and your health. It's a true honor to hold this place in your life.


Integrative Wellness

Full Service Regenerative & Anti-Aging Functional Medicine to reclaim your health and align your life.


Group wellness and transformation coaching programs designed to set the scene for the best version of you.

Luxury Intensives & Mentorships

Powerful and unique; a deeply transformative experience regenerative and sophisticated for you.

From detox to diva Group and Life Alchemy 1:1 programs

Become fully-actualized, vibrantly healthy, and live a life designed for joy. In my From Detox To Diva  group and Life Alchemy 1:1 Programs, we enter an intimately experiential journey into your life. This program is designed to be much more than weight lose or nutrition package, it is a transformative experience designed so you can live your life fully and purposefully.

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