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A Closer Look at Mental Health

Mental Health Infographic

I believe in taking the gloves off and looking at every possible avenue that could affect our health.  Mental health is often ignored by many health sites and I aim to change that.

“Why?” you ask.  Frankly, I believe there is a direct correlation between many mental health issues and diet.  We will be delving into this topic in the coming weeks including looking at whether antidepressants, which are prescribed in record numbers, are really as effective as doctors tell us and how diet affects mental health.

As a holistic practitioner I am keenly aware that mental illness, striking all ages and all walks of life, is on the rise be it depression, bipolarity, anxiety disorder, or”mood disorder” which is a fancy name for “we don’t have a medical explanation for why you are depressed, bi-polar or anxious.” Many doctors prescribe dangerous “cocktails” of antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications, often several at once, like they are doling at Skittles at Halloween without any thought to digging a little deeper into what might be happening either emotionally, physiologically (or both).

The fact is there are many ways to approach balanced mental health and one key way is through nutrition. We will be discussing the effects of diet, stress, hormonal imbalances and even thyroid disorders on mental well-being.  Think about it this way.  Estrogen dominance, adrenal fatigue, and hormonal imbalance each share depression and/or anxiety as a symptom and though each of these issues can be caused by something different they each correlate with the other.

One example is that gluten intolerance can cause thyroid issues such as Hashimoto’s Disease (which is actually an immune malfunction).  One symptom of Hashimoto’s Disease is depression. If gluten is the underlying cause of Hashimoto’s Disease and you remove gluten from your diet and heal the GI tract, under normal circumstances both the immune system and the thyroid will modulate.  The depression will go away.  If, instead of finding the root cause of the thyroid/immune malfunction, a prescription is taken, the depression will still not go away because the root cause is not treated.  When that happens, all those wonderful side effects of these drugs prescribed like Skittles make you feel even worse.

Are you starting to see a pattern emerge?  I’m just saying…..


  • richard monore

    I agree with you completely, but I do like my meds 🙂

    • thedetoxdiva

      Step away from the pill bottles Richard…. nice and slow like! 🙂

  • I was just writing about this today in a comment responding to some people who were berating a woman for going off her bipolar medication due to side effects. Personally I nearly died the one and only time I tried a psych med (digestion shut down, blood pressure plummeted to 70/50 for months) and out of the many people I know who take these meds I have yet to hear a success story that wasn’t fleeting.

    Mind and body are linked; it is foolish to assume that the brain and the disorders related to thought are strictly quarantined to the brain itself. For example, connective tissue is filled with nerves which are linked to muscles etc. etc. etc. As you noted symptoms of a mental health issue — ADD for example — are often actually food allergies.

    Looking forward to reading more and thank you for writing about this hugely important topic! Also love your post on healthy hair. 😀

    • thedetoxdiva

      Hi Rachel, from a holistic perspective, bipolarity often does require the right medication however, finding a doctor that specializes in bipolarity and doesn’t merely hand you Wellbutrin and send you on your merry way is not easy. Some psych meds are downright dangerous (as you have found out) and yet are doled out like candy. Many cases of bipolarity can be treated extremely well with nutrition and lifestyle however meds are often necessary. Depression, unless severe and debilitating, (and even in some cases that are severe) can often be treated by simply finding the root. Thanks for for such an insightful comment and the compliment!!

  • mary

    Thanks for raising awareness here again, Detox Diva. This is definitely an area that’s not commonly addressed for some reason. Popping pills when you don’t know the true cause of something (mental or physical or a combination) is never the answer and can cause a whole wider range of issues. I’m looking forward to reading more too.

  • I could not agree with you more and am so thankful you are addressing this topic. It is so incredibly important and under represented.

  • This is all true! For 6 weeks I tested a change in diet and mood! I seriously was in a state of bliss and peace. Recently I fell off the bandwagon and started the bad habits again and yes I am sluggish have a bad attitude and angry.. food effects mood its a total mind body spirit connection for sure!

  • Merle

    Was this your last blog post?

    • thedetoxdiva

      Yes, Merle, this was because I took a break to have my triplets and then immediately got pneumonia so I have been out of the loop.