Real Food Recipe:: Creme Brulee

The other day I posted on my Facebook page that I was making crème brûlée as a dessert for our Sunday family dinner.  Instantly many of you called for the recipe as, devout readers of The Detox Diva will know, crème brûlée, when made with pastured grass-fed ingredients, provides digestible protein, healthy saturated fats, a slew of vitamins and minerals, and pro-metabolic sugar which help support a healthy thyroid as well as aid in the detox of used hormones, endotoxin and other waste products  as a healthy liver needs enough glycogen (from glucose) to support such processes. I am a lover of all things custard including ice creams and panna cotta but crème brûlée remains one of my favorites as the brittle caramelized topping gives way begrudgingly to the seductively creamy custard that lies beneath.

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