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I know, I know....  Another cleanse review?!!  As The Detox Diva we try a lot of packaged cleanses.  The fact is, there are some advantages to pre-packaged cleanses.  Some people really need the structure, knowing what to eat (or drink) and when.  Sometimes, due to time constraints, pre-packaged cleanses come in handy.  I have to be honest, normally I prefer whole foods on a cleanse (such as the 21-day reset, recharge, and renew program coming soon) but there are truly a few short-term cleanses I like for "jump starting" the detox process. Kaeng Raeng-which means "be healthy, be strong" in Thai is an all-natural, vegan meal replacement "shake" that truly stands out from the "detox" crowd.  There are different levels Beginner, Veteran, and Master Cleanses with a choice of 3 or 6 days worth of meal replacements.   Each shake makes a delicious fruit smoothie and is packed with a full serving of fruit and fiber, 15g of non-gmo soy protein, 2 billion live probiotic cultures, and daily vitamins including B-12 and Vitamin C.

About now half of you are thinking "soy protein???"  and gasping at the thought of drinking that much soy based anything.  I have tried this cleanse myself and it is one of my favorite cleanses of all time.  If you are one of those people who believe the hype of the evils of soy you might want to check out our post Soy:: The Good, the Bad and The Truth.  Unless you have a hard and fast allergy, out of control estrogen dominance, or have breast, ovarian or prostate cancer, properly prepared and/or fermented soy within reason is perfectly fine to add to your diet.

I questioned Kaeng Raeng on their reasoning behind using soy in their cleanses and this is the very reasonable response I got back, totally in keeping with my views on soy.

Why soy? We use soy protein from pure natural non-genetically modified soybeans, not a soy isolate. Although soy as a food additive has been at the center of controversy, most leading medical research indicates that natural soy (from the earth) is a safe, effective form of protein that has been used in Asian countries for 5000 years. Soy contains essential Omega 3 fatty acids, amino acids, and isoflavones that some physicians laud as cancer preventives, including colon cancer and breast cancer. Many dieticians debate the hormonal impact of soy on men and women, most of which has recently been debunked by the medical community for both men and women. Soybeans are also effective at lowering cholesterol and acting as an antioxidant.

When we were finishing the formula for Kaeng Raeng, we wanted to include the daily value of protein in a natural form that most people would like. Committed to veganism and a safe product, we wanted an animal free and a nut-free source of protein. Nuts (like peanuts, almonds, and cashews) are the most common and dangerous form of food allergy.

We tested soy, brown rice, and hemp proteins on customers all over the country. Soy was the winner. Brown rice and spirulina had an overwhelming taste. Hemp was not suitable for most mainstream consumers who confused it with marijuana. We're also committed to providing an affordable product to our customers. Using nut, rice, pea, or hemp protein requires significantquantities to provide any substantial amount of protein, which would triple the cost of our product.

We are proud of our healthy, all natural formula and understand dietary restrictions. We are hoping to introduce a soy-free version in the future.

Doesn't soy have estrogen? NO! This is a common misconception about soybeans. Soy contains phytoestrogen. The phytoestrogens in soy are not the same as the estrogen you would find in humans and dairy products. In fact, phytoestrogens actually help us to stay hormonally balanced. There is also little evidence in the medical community that soy contributes to changes in thyroid levels.

Bear in mind you are not eating any animal protein during this cleanse and each packet contains one serving of fruits, fiber, and 15 grams of protein per serving which is imperative for the liver to be able to detox properly is just the right amount of protein for a cleanse.

These are the flavors you get with your cleanse:

Kaeng Raeng Flavors


Kaeng Raeng Box


What did I love about this cleanse?

You are allowed all the raw vegetables and fruit you like in between the shakes.  I did this cleanse in the late summer (right before I got pregnant) and the raw veggies were more than enough to keep me full.  I added in some blueberries, a few strawberries, an avocado, and sometimes a little coconut milk into the shakes to make smoothies.  At the end of the 6 day Master Cleanse, my skin glowed, I lost 7 lbs. and my next period was the absolute best I experienced in a long time (and a month later I was pregnant!).  I felt lighter and I had only one day when I had any sort of detox symptoms and, even then, it was only a slight headache.  I slept better than I had in a long time. I loved the fact that I could use the packets with plain water if I was out and about and needed to eat or I could make really delicious smoothies with them.   (Bear in mind I do very well with some soy in my diet and this offers just enough.) I had loads of energy throughout the entire cleanse and cannot wait to be able to do this cleanse again after my babies are born!  I actually keep a stock of these in my kitchen for smoothie bases even now and my favorite flavor is the "Reunn".  They keep me energetic all morning long.

What I didn't love about this cleanse?

The "Daybreak" flavor was not my favorite one.  I had to add a banana to it to get it to be flavorful but, oddly, it was really good after that.  I am not a huge fan of this much fruit for anyone.  It's just too much fructose for anyone, especially since they tell you that you can have as much fruit as you want on this cleanse.  I would recommend sticking to the fruit in the package and even adding in some spinach, as I did a few days, and not eating any other during the cleanse.  Stick to raw veggies instead.  As a result of so much fructose I am not comfortable recommending this cleanse to anyone with diabetes or anyone with an inflammation related illness.  I also wish they had added in some green veggies into the mix, something I still hope they do at some point so it isn't so fruit heavy.

I would consider this cleanse safe for Spring, Summer, and Fall cleanses but if you live in very cold climates, maybe not for the dead of winter as fruits are very cooling.

Overall, I would absolutely recommend this cleanse to just about anyone who wants a quick start to a deeper detox, wants to jump start weight loss, or just wants something they can do for a few days to feel lighter in their skin.

Again, they offer 3 and 6 day cleanses for Beginners, Veterans, and Master Cleansers.  Not sure which one to order?  Take this simple quiz to find out which is best for you.

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***Update*** We are thrilled to congratulate Holly S. for being the winner of our KaengRaeng 3-Day Cleanse giveaway!