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Cleanse Before Christmas:: RawJuvenate Cleanse

RawJuvenate detox

I find that the time right before Thanksgiving until Christmas I eat more that I probably do the entire year.  Thanksgiving seems to give everyone tacit permission to go hog wild, much to the detriment of their waistlines and energy levels.

RawJuvenate 14 or 30 day detox systems offer a simple vegan way to get back on track.

RawJuvenate is an Organic Vegan Detox System that gently cleanses with nutrients from Super Green Food, proteins from vegetarian Pea Protein and supplements consisting of probiotics, fiber and aloe. In addition,  RawJuvenate recently released their Metabolism Raw Fitness 3 Pack helping boost metabolism so your body can convert food into energy much faster.

RawJuvenate is designed as a 5-product system. The program comes in a 14-day or 30-day detox package and can be used to help maintain a long-term, healthy lifestyle. Beginners should start by replacing one solid meal a day with one liquid meal a day using the aloe and probiotics daily with the fiber weekly for 14 days. Intermediate detox devotees can substitute two meals a day with one solid meal and up their game with all 5 products for 14 days.  Advanced users should use all 5 products with the 30-day program and replace two meals a day with liquid meals.

If you are feeling a little out of whack because of holiday eating don’t use that as an excuse to lose sight of your health and fitness goals. Get back on a healthy track after your Thanksgiving celebration with RawJuvenate.

What you get with the program::

Rawjuvenate juice

Super Green– The super green comes as a nutrient dense blend packed with vitamins and minerals. Add it to an energy power shake, smoothie, or even soup. With its slight berry flavor it can even be mixed in water and drank as an afternoon pick-me-up. For a full list of smoothie recipe suggestions, visit RawJuvenate on Pinterest.

Pea Protein – Plant based protein. Mix it with water (1 tbsp to 8 oz) or blend it with vanilla almond milk, rice milk, or even coconut milk.

Aloe – A natural laxative and wonderful stool softener that makes elimination fast and easy. Take 1-3 capsules daily.

Fiber – Helps process foods naturally. Use it daily or a couple of times a week.  (As this supplement has senna, do NOT use every day.  It can cause stomach cramps so if you find yourself with loose bowels or stomach cramps, ease up and use the product once every four days until you are having three solid bowel movements a day.)

Daily Probiotic – Bacteria that helps build a healthy gastrointestinal track. Take 1 capsule daily.


What I love:: I am never hungry on this cleanse.  The pea protein is filling and the greens are super tasty to add both to your morning smoothie.

What I didn’t love:: The directions state to take both the fiber and the Aloe every day.  I ended up with severe stomach cramps and loose bowels for two days.  When I backed off the fiber to once a week I normalized and allowed it to cleanse the colon without the cramping.

Rawjuvenate juices



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  1. Aggie
    Aggie says:

    I took only 2 of the detox pills, once a day… It gave me a lop of cramps and loose bowels too, and I had to stop because I cannot work like that… It says you can take up to 3 pills a day and I cannot imagine what it would feel like! hehe But I did feel that it works. Maybe I did need the cleanse!

    • thedetoxdiva
      thedetoxdiva says:

      Oh I hated that cleanse. I have always been my own worst guinea pig and I now just recommend NO packaged cleanse unless they are REAL food based like the ones I am coming out with.


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