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Detox:: 7 Signs Your Body Needs a Reboot

Could you use a reboot?

Have you ever noticed when using your computer, if you are anything like me, the longer you keep your computer on, the more browser windows you open up, the slower and more bogged down your computer becomes until it is grinds to a halt and you have to reboot?  Think of your body as a computer and the over 80,000 new chemicals introduced as the spam and trojans that create problems inside that computer.    Even if you follow a 100% organic diet and use zero chemicals in your personal care, beauty routine, or even cleaning your house with natural compounds you are still exposed to electromagnetic radiation from electronic devices such as computers, cell phones, and even TVs and lights, in low levels but enough to affect the body’s ability to function at optimal levels.  If that wasn’t enough, a Standard American Diet (SAD) with its refined grains, conventionally raised animal products, too much sugar and precious little vegetables, fruits, nuts, and healthy fats is enough to cause digestive, liver, lympatic, and skin chaos.  Add in heavy metals in fish and mercury fillings (among other things), and stress and you have a clever little time bomb ready to explode.

Yes, your body knows how to detoxify itself through your kidneys, colon, skin, lymphatic system and the biggest detoxification pathway, your liver but, with more and more toxic onslaught your body can only handle so much before it simply falls behind and loses the ability to cleanse quickly enough (especially since all that toxic barrage tends to also cause insomnia and since we detoxify most at night, you do the math).

So what are the signs you need to “reboot” your system by detoxing and cleansing your entire body?  Let’s look at the biggest indicators below::

1. Feeling old.  Tired, fatigued, sluggish, lethargic, can’t get out of bed in the morning, whatever you want to call it, it is not a natural state of being.  We are meant to be energetic, full of life, and free of degenerative disease long into our twilight years.

2.  Inability to focus or concentrate.  It’s probably not ADHD causing your sudden lack of being able to focus without several cups of coffee.  You could be suffering from toxic overload from stress, a highly acidic diet, and chemicals, chemicals and more chemicals.  Adrenal fatigue can cause fatigue but also is well-known for killing the ability to focus as well as triggering sugar and refined carbohydrate cravings (your body’s response to try to increase tryptophan hoping to increase seratonin, one of the trinity in mood balancing neurotransmitters)  and cravings for salty foods.  Cravings for sugary foods can cause insulin spikes resulting in crashes causing even slower response times.

3.  Bad Breath and B.O.  These two go hand in hand to let you know something is rotten in the state of Denmark.  You might think body odor is supposed to happen but it is actually the bacteria building up on the skin that causes the odor.  Even more important to know is that bad breath is usually indicative of putrefying waste or imbalanced gut flora and is different than, say, garlic or onion breath.   If the friendly bacteria is balanced breath and body odor (as well as that yeasty, less than fresh scent that women know all too well….though may not want to admit) usually returns to normal.

4.  Bloating, indigestion, and frequent gas.  Speaking of bad smells, frequent gas, save for the odd “toot”, is not a sign that your digestion is happy.  It is true that when you switch to a raw or even veggie-centric diet you may experience some bloating and gas while the body adjusts.  Ill prepared beans and nuts whose phytic acid has not been neutralized can also cause gas and bloating, but the number one cause of bloating, indigestion and gas is…..(drumroll please) the Standard American Diet with its decisive lack of fiber to be able to help sweep the colon clean leads to a back up of waste.  This can cause constipation but even if you are moving your bowels often, without proper fiber you may not be emptying them completely.  The colon is responsible for ridding the body of excess used estrogen so a low fiber, nutrient poor, sugar rich diet can actually contribute to estrogen dominance.  Please keep in mind that the liver is also responsible for getting the excess estrogen to the colon so if your diet is full of toxicity (sugar, white flour, too much animal protein and not enough plants), you are affecting your entire body with all that excess estrogen not making its way out of the body and are putting yourself at risk for ovarian, uterine, breast and, for the guys, testicular or prostate cancers.

5.  Irregular periods, PMS symptoms, extreme menopausal symptoms, unexplained infertility, uterine fibroids, PCOS.  I won’t try to explain estrogen dominance, thyroid issues, and adrenal fatigue or other hormonal disturbances to you in one paragraph.  A lot has been written already and, of course, there is much more to come.  Let’s just say that it isn’t always so black and white in diagnosing the root causes of these issues.  What I will point out is that fertility rates are at an all time low and steadily decreasing and the endocrine disruptors in our beauty and personal care products, environmental toxins, birth control pills, and pesticides on food (and quite possibly even GMOs) hold the key to unlocking the body’s ability to heal itself.  PCOS can be reversed.  PMS and menopausal symptoms can be decimated, irregular periods and anovulatory cycles in women under 35 can be balanced.  Uterine fibroids can be shrunk naturally, all with a proper detox, cleanse, and learning how to properly nourish our bodies.

6.  Skin, sinus or asthma symptoms. Sinus and respiratory issues and skin disorders such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis can indicate a buildup of toxins, heavy metals, or candida.  They can be indicative of chronic inflammation or a poor alkaline balance, or point to food sensitivities such as wheat or gluten intolerance, a myriad of other food related triggers or even allergies to certain pesticides.

7.  Impaired immunity.  If you catch every cold or flu that goes around or constantly feel like you are coming down with something it may be your immune system not being able to fight off “bugs” because it is trying to fight off daily invaders from toxins to which you are exposed.  A seasonal cleanse may be just what the doctor ordered to let your body slow down, reset, regenerate and renew.

Look for our 21 Day Reset, Recharge and Renew Program launching shortly to be able to safely yet effectively cleanse and detox your body giving you more energy, resetting your metabolism, and helping you to balance your health.

  • Can’t wait to see the 21 Day Reset!

  • Oh my gosh, I’ve been sick on and off ALL winter. I’m coming back to read more later (right now, ironically, we’re off to the dr., lol, hubby can’t get rid of a bug and he’s one who rarely gets sick).

    • thedetoxdiva

      Oh Rosey, I am so sorry you are all feeling unwell. I hope hubby gets better. LOTS of ginger and as much garlic as you can force in him will help whether it’s viral or bacterial!

  • Rosey

    He’s about ready to start eating again. I’ll be making cashew chicken w/lots of garlic and ginger for dinner tomorrow.

  • Your body needs to rest for at least two days each week to allow your body to recover. The body’s reaction to being broken down is to come back fitter and stronger and this occurs on our rest days. You will eat three wholesome, nutritionally balanced meals everyday, along with healthy snacks and plenty of fluids. This will ensure your blood sugar levels remain balanced.

    • thedetoxdiva

      I think it is the three wholesome “nutritionally balanced” meals and healthy snacks which is where most people go wrong. They just don’t know what that means!