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Detox and Dry Body Brushing


Skin is the largest organ in the body and should not be ignored when embarking on any detox program.  The skin releases toxins through perspiration and the build-up of dead skin cells on the surface.  Dry body brushing encourages exfoliation and stimulates the lymphatic system to move toxins out of the body.  It is also a powerful tool in the ridding of cellulite.

Cellulite is a collection of fat cells just below the skin.  Diets deficient in or devoid of nutrients or high in simple carbohydrates, increased levels of toxicity in the air, water, and food supply, and hormonal influences also caused, in part, by environmental factors, all contribute to the build-up of cellulite.  Dry body brushing stimulates circulation, activates the lymphatic system and even helps products that may diminish the appearance of cellulite absorb better.  It also helps tighten and tone the skin by stimulating new collagen growth.

  1. To dry body brush start with a natural bristle brush.  It’s best, if you are new to dry body brushing, to start with a softer bristle brush or use a versatile sisal palm dry body brush.  You can always move up to a firmer bristle or use more pressure as you get used to dry body brushing.
  2. Start with the soles of the feet and brush in long strokes from the balls to the heels.  If you prefer, you can go in circular movements but I prefer longer strokes.  Next go to the tops of the feet and dry brush from the toes up towards the ankles.
  3. Moving up to the legs, move in upward strokes using medium to firm pressure always up towards the heart.  It’s best going from the ankles to the knees and then the knees to the thighs, paying close attention to the back of the thighs and buttocks if you are looking to get rid of cellulite.
  4. Using your brush in a clockwise motion, brush the stomach area, finishing the stomach with upward motions from the pubic bone up towards the heart.
  5. Go in light circular motions to brush the breasts.  Brush the chest area downward from the shoulder blades to the top of the breasts.
  6. Brush the arms from the wrists upwards towards the heart.  Be firm in the under arm area.  For those that use antiperspirants, bear in mind it is necessary to exfoliate the aluminum salts that clog the pores to some very important lymph glands.
  7. A good palm brush should be long enough to dry brush the back but for those who may not be flexible enough use a brush with a long handle to brush the back.  This is a great way to encourage back fat to eliminate.
  8. If desired, use soft bristles to brush the face and neck.  I do not normally brush my face.

Make sure, before you begin, that both the skin and the dry body brush are completely dry.  To further enhance the effects of stimulating the lymphatic system, scrubbing areas with cellulite using leftover coffee grounds such as those used in  the cold brewing coffee will encourage lymphatic release.


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  • This sounds so stimulating and even relaxing. Getting my skin cleared and energized will be so helpful in my quest for a healthier body. Thanks!

    • thedetoxdiva

      For RA, I was having a discussion with an Ayurvedic doctor here in Delhi. She was saying that dry body brushing AND a daily self-abhayanga (massage) with stimulates (in the right way for autoimmune illness) the immune system and calms at the same time bringing inflammation right down. I will soon have a post on self-abhayanga you might want to try.

  • I cannot get enough of the “Detox Diva Website” & all the great articles! Wish I had found you ages ago but it is never too late to add these amazing body tips to my daily routine! On my way to get a dry brush… xo

    • thedetoxdiva

      You are very kind. I am glad you are enjoying the site. I really LOVED your youtube, by the way! I was sitting there nodding the whole time! That’s just awesome for something to move me like that!

  • Fascinating! I’m so excited about this I’m already strategizing which brush I have that I’d be willing to use toe-to-head until I can get the right kind. Lol!