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Goodbye 2013

Goodbye 2013

On December 31st everyone is looking forward to the new year and all its bells and whistles.  Few people actually take a moment to say goodbye to the previous year. Even fewer take any time to look back and see what they have experienced the previous year.  Many people I know say every year “Wow, I am glad this year is over.” and forget that even in “bad” years, there are always lights that have shone even through the darkness.

2014 with its beginning on the new moon and two new moons in January is significant and powerful for setting not only resolutions but really invoking intentions that have the power to change your life.

Doing a ‘post mortem’ on the year helps assess what’s happened, where you have had movement, (without shining the spotlight on the obvious setbacks) and helps you begin the new year from a position of gratitude.

Here are my top questions for ending the year with a sense of accomplishment::

  1. What was remarkable about the year?
  2. Who came into my life this year?
  3. Who left it?
  4. What were my best accomplishments/achievements?
  5. Favorite times/moments?
  6. Biggest disappointment?
  7. Best surprise?
  8. When I look back on the year, I could never have imagined (fill in the blank).
  9. What was the single most significant event of the year? How do I want next year to be different?

Don’t neglect really looking at the state of your health either.  Fearlessly examine what you’ve struggled with but also what you might have learned to really take your health to the next level whether it be healing from illness, getting to your perfect weight, or just feeling the best you can feel.   What resolutions did you set the beginning of this year and which ones did you keep?  Which ones did you break?  What could you have done better?  Where would you like to be at year’s end this year?  (You are setting your intentions to make this happen on a separate paper.)

I love you all!  I am so looking forward to helping you create the life and health of your dreams this year!!

  • Kay

    Thank you for being the sane voice of doable changes and moderation. I look forward to every post.

    Happy end-of-2013 and beginning-of-2014 to you and your family!