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The Culture code

Reading The Culture Code by Clotaire Rapaille has been an enlightening journey for me.  It tied up, in a neat little package, all my years of learning through traveling around the world and studying nutrition and biochemistry as well.  Each culture, indeed each person, imprints to food differently.  We imprint to events surrounding food differently as well.

For example, Americans have been taught food is “fuel” and, consequently, look for food that is quick to prepare and cheap and often resent having to spend money or time on food and the preparation.

Conversely, the French take time to set the mood for a good meal that is to be savored.  The Japanese take it a step forward and believe in “umami” or a sixth taste believing you eat with your eyes first and foremost.  They prepare and plate food as a means to achieve perfection.

While we can not change the way we have imprinted to food, we can acquire a new set of skills that allow us to look at food in a more mature way. We can choose to look at food as a source of nourishment of both the body and soul.  If we take time and pay attention to what we are eating we will automatically reach for much higher quality because we will gift ourselves permission to expect and desire the best.

This, in turn, will affect positively on our health by leaps and bounds.

  • Mi

    Cant get enough of your articles,
    The overwhelming thing for me always is how to devise a meal which you approve ? Food so far for me has been grains with a stew made of beans with one veggie OR mix of Grains and beans with lots of bread if not rice and I know this should be changed like i was reading a facebook post by you saying eat meat once a week …but really dont have any idea of the dishes so this overwhelming feelimg leads me to choose and stick to “NO_NO” but familiar meal which my mind has accepted as a “meal ” .

    Will you have some ideas or recipies for real meals being on a plant based diet ?I really have no Idea .On my horrible gut days I went for about 60 days on mixture of proteins and veggies ..but really i got bored though i can feel the major diffrence in me .
    will we be able to see Divalicious real food “MEAL planner s?
    Thank you

    • thedetoxdiva

      I have to be honest and tell you that I don’t do “plant based” diets that are grain heavy at all. I actually do devise plans for my private clients and I will be posting more recipes but I will not be posting many grain recipes as most of my recipes are indeed protein and a lot of veggies. The grains I use now are predominantly sourdough bread or perhaps some well soaked oats.

  • mina

    Yes,exactly That is what I mean ,I meant to convey due to out culture we only know that kind of meals as “meals” so it would be great if you post more and more recopies for meals ,right now for example i have no idea how it means to stay away of grains which is a must in out cuisine and “veggies”.we dont know what to do with them !!!
    that was what i mean.

    Thank you again