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Want Long Strong Hair? The Secret is Mustard

mustard oil for hair

Before you go breaking out the Grey Poupon I am talking about mustard oil. Yes, you heard me right though many of you are probably wondering “What in the heck is mustard oil?”. Used by Romans and Greeks for centuries, mustard oil is prized for its many uses including culinary (something now banned in the US and Canada for the euric acid found in the oil) and multiple beauty and health uses.  It is also prized as an oil fed to the “Saturday God” in Delhi, India where people come and feed the mustard oil to the god in hopes of “currying” favor.  (I couldn’t resist!)  I myself use it to burn my many oil lamps and find it a non-toxic solution to kerosene.

One day while trolling one of the countless markets in India, I met a woman with long, very strong, lustrous hair.  I mean it was shiny, almost “blingy”.  It caught my eye not only because of the sheer health of her mane but also because she had it heavily streaked red (not an easy feat really with as black as it was) and it was still really healthy.

Because India is starting to become disenchanted with the beauty secrets of their ancestors with Pantene, Dove, and Alberto VO5 becoming the norm in causing repairing damaged hair, I held my breath and asked her how she got her hair so long (well past her bra strap creeping down towards her hips) without a trace of split ends.

Her response.  Mustard oil.

Everyone that has read through this blog knows that I love oiling my hair and I even give a tutorial on the step by step of oiling.  I had been using sesame oil mixed with Bringadi oil from Kama Ayurveda  (a brilliant line we will be talking about at length very soon) in the winter and coconut oil with the same oil and I do have awesome results with soft silky hair and minimal split ends.

Still, with the ravages of pregnancy with the hair in the brush getting more copious every day (I am checking for bald spots, I swear), changes in water and momentary loss of control over healthy eating habits, the memory of that woman and her long, strong, shiny hair keeps floating through my mind.

Time to give mustard oil a try.

I am thrilled to report, yesterday I made my quarterly trip to the hair salon for some much needed highlights and while he was doing my blow out I noticed all kinds of grow out!!  I am not kidding you, in the six short weeks of using mustard oil I must have two inches of regrowth that appears to be much thicker than it ever has been. For a new mother who feels “less than sparkling” lately, that’s a real plus.

I am also happy to report that the ends of my hair breainfinitesimally less than normal which means I get to keep my length instead of stuck in the middle between mid length and long.

So how does mustard oil work? Fatty acids (where Omega 6 and Omega 3 coexist happily) are responsible for conditioning  and strengthening hair.  It is “warming” and acts as a stimulant for hair growth as it increases blood flow along with its Vitamin A and C content along with its selenium and zinc content help maintain a healthy scalp which minimizes (or in my case, nearly ends) hair fall.

Mustard oil is a known anti fungal which makes  mustard oil a prime choice for those suffering from dermatitis, dandruff or seborrhea (and even ring worm).

My favorite mustard oil is a certified organic cold pressed mustard oil from Down to Earth which retails for $19.95 but lasts for absolutely ever when used for hair.


  • Thanks for sharing, I think very few people knows that. Mustard oil is also good for our skin, body & teeth. Using it regularly will keep our hair from going gray. It helps to reduce hair fall through improving blood circulation and is also considered effective over dandruff. Mustard oil is having anti-fungal properties, which made this as a perfect treatment for skin fungal infection.

  • Hmmm…this was really interesting. So good to know as I’ve been adding highlights to cover my gray hairs popping up and I’m noticing by lightening my hair it feels so course and dry.

  • mary

    Fascinating…think I will have to try this! Do you have any specific instructions on how to use it? Do you leave it on overnight? Add a few drops after washing and leave it in? Also, does it smell….like mustard….?!

    • thedetoxdiva

      I leave mine overnight but it is SO thick Mary, I would stick to coconut for a conditioner… and no, the smell is not really horrible, but an acquired taste and smell definitely.

  • Very useful post which tell us about the secret of long hairs. “Mustard” oil not only make our hair long and strong but it also solve the problems of dandruff and dermatitis. I will definitely use this oil. Thank you for sharing.

  • mary

    Thank you:) I am going to investigate!

  • Oils are good for the hair. It also helps to leave your hair without chemicals for a day and allow natural oils of the scalp to coat it.

  • Vickie

    Very interesting! Can you use this while you are pregnant?

    • thedetoxdiva

      There are no contraindications to mustard oil that I know of. You are more than welcome to use it whilst pregnant.

  • Amy

    I love this blog post and was wondering if you could describe how you use the oil, before/after shower, for how long do you leave it sit, do you just do the ends or full head, and how many times a week? Thanks again, I look forward to hearing from you.

    • thedetoxdiva

      Amy I actually have a tutorial on Hair Oiling that will give you all the details!

  • Kim


    I have to say that I am addicted to your site!!!

    When doing the mustard oil for the hair oiling, how much mustard oil? Do I use it straight or mix it with other oils?

    • thedetoxdiva

      I use STRAIGHT mustard oil. I noticed you needed a way to promote regrowth. This is a great way!! Yes, the HCG is a BAD BAD diet… in fact, I bet you did some damage to your thyroid. If you ever want a SANE way of fixing it, might I suggest you and your friend come for a consult???

  • Kim

    Me again 🙂 I am just trying to find the best, most natural, and cost effective way of promoting regrowth. Both my friend and I lost a lot of hair recently due to HCG diet (bad bad diet) and she is now having to wear a wig. I am not that bad, but it is awful thin.

  • Susan

    I used mustard oil on my 16 year old daughter and her hair was beautiful afterwards but then i noticed little pimples or a rash on her scalp towards the forehead.The only other thing I did different was give her 2 radiant life brand desiccated liver tablets. Which one may have caused this in your opinion?

    • thedetoxdiva

      I don’t honestly know, Susan. Mustard oil can be very very strong. The stuff I get is cold pressed from India but I can’t vouch for other brands. Radiant Life is grass-fed beef liver so unless she has a serious overdose of Vitamin A it’s probably the mustard oil.